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  1. Capture Accurate Color w/o Trial & Error
  2. Spectrally Neutral
  3. Reference Values to Adjust RAW Settings
  4. Black Trap for Shadow Detail Control

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The SpyderCUBE RAW Calibration Tool from Datacolor is a compact (1.5″/3.8 cm square), digital color balancing tool that not only allows you to correct the color temperature but also the exposure, brightness and black point of your images. The SpyderCUBE is a spectrally neutral three-dimensional tool that’s small enough to fit in your pocket or camera bag and gives you all the features needed to easily adjust your images in post-production. Its multi-sided construction allows special attention to highlights and shadows, and contains more features for image control than a gray card or white balance tool.

Just place the SpyderCUBE in the lighting conditions under which you will be photographing. Orient the cube so that the lower black face, containing the black trap, is at the bottom front, and the two split white/gray faces are both visible. Take a photograph that includes the Cube. It makes several measurements that make it possible for you to be confident that your colors are accurate, your shadows and highlights are properly exposed, and your image is adjusted to the ideal density, regardless of the lighting conditions. These functions give you the data you need:

1 Chrome Ball – Measures catchlight to analyze specular highlights.

White Face(s) – Define highlights in relation to catchlight.

Gray Face(s) – Measures color temperature and midtone response.

Black Face – Defines shadows in relation to black trap.

Black Trap – Defines absolute black.

By using Spyder CUBE under the same lighting conditions as your photos, you can optimally adjust all the photos in RAW conversion using the information the Spyder 3D shot provides. The Spyder CUBE is easy enough for the advanced amateur and sophisticated enough for professionals.

  • Reference tool to achieve accurate colors without trial-and-error operations in RAW processing.
  • SpyderCUBE provides all relevant light information for the RAW adjustments:

* Chrome Ball to measure catchlight to analyze overexposed areas.

* White Faces to define highlights in relation to catchlight.

* Spectrally neutral 18% Grey Faces to measure color temperature and midtones in all lighting conditions.

* Black Trap to define absolute black.

* Black Face to define shadows in relation to black trap.

  • Easy to use and compatible with all RAW converter software.
  • Essential for RAW processing but can also be used when processing images in a JPG workflow.
  • Small and handy, it fits in any photo bag
  • Ideal for location shooting (outdoor or indoor) and studios
  • Capture accurate color without a lot of trial and error manipulation
  • Spectrally Neutral, so that the Cube responds accurately to all lighting conditions
  • Provides reference values to check and adjust RAW control settings
  • Includes Black Trap for shadow detail control
  • Allows users to instantly correct color images by setting color temperature value
  • Allows users to accurately adjust shadows and highlight detail in any RAW image
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  1. Capture Accurate Color w/o Trial & Error
  2. Spectrally Neutral
  3. Reference Values to Adjust RAW Settings
  4. Black Trap for Shadow Detail Control
0/5 (0 Reviews)

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