DJI Mic Single Compact Digital Wireless Microsoft System (1 TX + 1 RX)

The DJI Mic is a wireless digital microphone/recorder system that records audio from subjects for DSLR/mirrorless cameras or cellphones and offers exceptional audio quality. It is simple to use and appropriate for creators of all skill levels. It can record sounds up to 820′ distant and comes with a clip-on omnidirectional mic/transmitter for backup recording. A DSLR camera or DJI Action 2 camera, as well as the Lightning/USB connector on a smartphone or laptop, can all be connected to the tiny receiver. Once the initial setup is finished, you may rapidly begin recording high-quality audio.

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The DJI Mic is a user-friendly, truly wireless digital microphone/recorder system that offers vivid audio quality while supplying all the elements needed to capture audio from your subject to a DSLR/mirrorless camera or iOS/Android smartphone. Content creators of all experience levels can improve the production values of their videos, interviews, and streaming with the DJI Mic. The device uses a tiny clip-on omnidirectional mic/transmitter that acts as a backup recorder to record crystal-clear, dependable audio at distances of up to 820′. The tiny receiver can be connected to a smartphone or laptop’s Lightning/USB connector or put on a DSLR camera or DJI Action 2 camera. Just finish the initial setup, and you’ll be able to quickly start recording high-quality audio.

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