ECM-M1 shotgun microphone


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Product image showing view of directivity selector dial

Simple controls for easy setting and operation

Simply turning a dial on the rear of the microphone allows easy, intuitive selection of pickup patterns and a lock button in the centre prevents accidental changes. Other controls are also straightforward and easy to understand and operate.

Outstanding audio quality

The latest digital audio technology delivers stunning audio performance.

Graphic illustration of digital audio waveform

Digital signal processing for quality audio

The ECM-M1 features a complete digital pathway, from beamforming control, to noise filtering and interfacing with the camera. The result is the clearest sound possible, for everything you capture.

Product image showing view of noise cut and low cut filter control switch

Digital noise cut filter for clear sound

Continuous background noise is effectively suppressed by a digital noise-cut filter for clear sound recording. A low-cut filter is also provided to reduce wind noise, the hum of air conditioning and other low-frequency vibration noise. Suppressing noise at the recording stage reduces workload during post processing, enhancing overall efficiency.

Product image showing upper front left view of camera with microphone and wind screen attached, with graphic illustration of digital waveform passing from microphone to camera

Digital audio interface

The digital audio interface offers an all-digital signal path from microphone to camera, avoiding the noise and distortion associated with analogue transmission and retaining the full benefit of the digital signal processing in the microphone.

Compact size and light weight for versatility and portability

The impressively compact size and light weight of the microphone make it incredibly versatile for a range of shooting and a trusty addition to any gear bag.

Usage image showing microphone being carried in user's hand

Compact size and light weight

The impressively compact size (length 64.4 mm) and light weight (65 g) give a high degree of shooting freedom and mobility. The microphone does not intrude when shooting selfies, or when using even a very wide-angle lens. The compact size also makes it easy to use with gimbals and grips.

Easy operability and connectivity

The ECM-M1 provides controls that are easy to operate, with simple connection to compatible cameras.

Photo of microphone and windscreen

Supplied wind screen

The ECM-M1 is supplied with an effective fur-type wind screen, easily detachable, that can reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors.

Photo of camera with OSD

Omnidirectional backup safety recording on channels 3 and 4

On compatible cameras, while channels 1 and 2 record with the selected directivity pattern, channels 3 and 4 can make omnidirectional backup safety recordings at different sensitivities (–20 dB for channel 4).

Product image showing rear, left and right side view of microphone

Simple switch operation

Comprehensive, clearly marked controls make it easy to adjust and confirm all microphone settings at a glance for worry-free operation.

Product image showing camera mounted on a gimbal

Easy camera connection

Multi Interface (MI) Shoe support allows battery- and cable-free shooting, allowing recording to start as soon as the microphone is attached to the MI Shoe on compatible cameras.

Usage image showing camera mounted on a gimbal with a river in the background

Dust and moisture resistant design

The ECM-M1 features a dust and moisture resistant design that allows reliable operation in challenging outdoor conditions.

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The ECM-M1 compact shotgun microphone uses digital beamforming technology to provide eight dial-selectable audio recording modes for outstanding versatility and audio quality. A cable-free digital audio interface via the MI Shoe on compatible cameras offers superb sound quality in a wide range of video shooting situations.
  • Eight audio recording modes including stereo, for targeted sound pickup

  • Compact shotgun microphone with digital signal processing

  • Effective noise and rumble suppression for clear, high-quality recording

  • Cable- and battery-less Multi Interface (MI) Shoe with digital audio interface

  • Intuitive mode selection dial with lock for easy operation

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