Godox S2 Bracket For Bowens Mount


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  1. Maximize Flash w/ Bowens Accessories
  2. Tilting Bracket with 5/8″ Receiver
  3. Non-Scratch Mounting w/o Touch-Fasteners

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1 in stock

Adjustable to fit most speedlights, the Godox S2 Speedlight Bracket for Bowens is more compact and portable than the original S-type bracket and lets you maximize the potential of your on-camera flash while allowing you to use Bowens accessories. The bracket supports your flash either vertically or horizontally, employing non-scratching, light pressure rather than touch-fasteners or tape. Light modifiers such as reflectors, softboxes, and snoots mount to the front of the bracket as they would on a Bowens flash head. The bracket tilts nearly 180 degrees and has a 5/8″ receiver for stand mounting.

  • Maximize Flash w/ Bowens Accessories
  • Tilting Bracket with 5/8″ Receiver
  • Non-Scratch Mounting w/o Touch-Fasteners
  • No pre-assembly or post disassembly
  • Mount speedlight vertically or horizontally
  • Mounts with light pressure – no touch-fasteners
  • Adjustable to fit most brands of speedlights
  • Allows use of studio light modifiers like softboxes
  • Umbrella input channel
  • Compatible with full-size flash heads such as the Godox AD400Pro
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  • Mount

    5/8″ / 16 mm Receiver

  • Dimensions

    7 x 6″ / 18 x 15.3 cm

  • Package Weight

    623 gm

  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH)

    7.3 x 6.3 x 3.7″

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