HIFFIN C Stand | 9.8 Ft Steel Light C-Stand | 40-Inch Detachable Base | C Stand With Grip Kit And Extension Arm | For Photography Studio Video Reflector | Payload 20kg


The C Stand features a detachable base with twist and release locking legs that are easily removed to facilitate transportation or to replace the riser with an alternate size. A light head can be mounted to the base directly with the aid of a stand adapter. The included 41.5 inch grip arm fits the removable 2.5″” grip head, allowing you to offset the stand and cantilever flags or lights out of the way of the action. The stand has a low center of gravity which allows mounting of heavy equipment without tipping.

  • C Stand features a detachable base with twist and release locking legs that are easily removed to facilitate transportation or to replace the riser with an alternate size
  • E-image C-Stand Grip Arm Kit 41.5 inch grip arm fits the removable 2.5″ grip head. with grip arm and grip head, big size T-Handle is ergonomic design for biggest torgque
  • There is standard 3/8” and 1/4”screw on the top, you can attach other accessories on.
  • Max Height: 300cm / 9.8ft, Min Height: 136cm / 4.4ft
  • Arm Lenght: 105.5cm / 3.5ft, Payload: 20Kg

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 1.Unleash Possibilities with a Detachable Base:
Experience the future of convenience with our cutting-edge C Stand featuring a detachable base. Crafted with ingenuity, its twist and release locking legs effortlessly transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Seamlessly remove the legs to enhance transportation ease or to embark on a journey of creative exploration with alternate riser sizes.

2. HIFFIN C-Stand Grip Arm Kit: Where Precision Meets Artistry
Unveil a world of precision and artistry with the HIFFIN C-Stand Grip Arm Kit. Designed to redefine industry standards, this kit boasts a 41.5-inch grip arm meticulously tailored to perfectly accommodate the removable 2.5″ grip head. Enriching the experience is the inclusion of a substantial T-Handle, expertly engineered for ergonomic perfection, delivering the mightiest torque for your endeavors.

3. Seamlessly Expand Your Creative Horizon
Embrace the power of versatility with the HIFFIN C-Stand’s top-tier design. Discover a standard 3/8” and 1/4” screw elegantly positioned at the pinnacle. This ingeniously designed feature opens up a gateway of possibilities – effortlessly attach an array of accessories, each one elevating your creative journey to astounding heights.

4. Reaching Heights, Defining Limits:
Ascend to new dimensions of achievement with the HIFFIN C-Stand. At its zenith, it towers gracefully at a staggering 300cm (9.8ft), granting you a vantage point to capture the extraordinary. For more intimate perspectives, it stoops to a mere 136cm (4.4ft), delivering a spectrum of possibilities that match your creative inclinations.

5. The Arm of Innovation: Precision Redefined
Command precision like never before with an arm length that stands at a remarkable 105.5cm (3.5ft). Designed to cradle your creative tools with unrivaled grace, this arm becomes an extension of your vision, allowing you to sculpt your art with unparalleled finesse.

6. Unyielding Strength, Unmatched Confidence
Place your trust in a C-Stand that supports your ambitions. The HIFFIN C-Stand proudly bears a payload capacity of 20Kg, ensuring your equipment remains steadfast and secure as you conquer new frontiers of creativity.

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