NiSi 82mm Swift True Color VND Kit 1-9 stops (1-5 Stops VND + 4 Stop ND)


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  1. Variable ND, 4-Stop ND, Black Mist, Ring
  2. Black Mist Diffuser Adds Cinematic Look
  3. Variable ND Reduces Exposure 1-5 Stops
  4. Darkens Entire Image Area
  5. Greater Control Over Exposure Settings
  6. True Color for Minimal Color Shift
  7. Hard Stops at Each End; No X Effect
  8. With Protective Cap and Storage Wallet
  9. Water and Oil Resistant Nano Coating
  10. Removable Rotating Lever

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1 in stock

The 82mm Swift True Color VND 1-9 Stop Kit from NiSi offers great control over exposure settings, allowing the use of reduced shutter speeds and wider apertures for stunning shots. Adding density allows a wider aperture to be used for finer control over depth of field, allowing increased bokeh to help isolate the subject of an image. It can also provide a longer shutter time to add image blur or enhance an image’s sense of motion. Plus, the True Color design avoids color shift, making it possible to take pictures in any condition – bright and sunny or dark and dreary. The Swift System also comes with an exposure range-control filter ring with hard stops at each end to easily dial in a desired density, without creating the “X” effect found in other products.

The 1/4 Black Mist filter adds a cinematic look to images without increasing exposure. Its design suppresses highlights and lifts shadows for well-balanced contrast and to maintain a strong center with a pleasing glow from light sources. It causes highlights to bloom while also softening texture for a more filmic look. It also softens blemishes and evens out skin tone for easy portraiture.

Made of optical glass, these filters have anti-reflective multicoating to reduce lens glare and optimize light transmission. They also feature a protective nano-coating that is waterproof, making them ideal for use in any type of photography and in harsh environments. The ND4 filter can be used by itself with the Swift Friction Mount System adapter ring or added on to the NiSi True Color VND 1-5-stop variable ND filters for even more protection against light.

  • Extends the True Color 1-5 Stop VND by adding extra filters
  • True Color 1-5-stop VND Variable filter + ND16 (4-stop) = 5 to 9-stops
  • Variable Neutral Density Filter offers greater control over exposure settings
  • Allows reduced shutter speeds and wider apertures
  • 1/4 Black Mist diffusion filter adds a cinematic feel, blooms highlights, and softens textures and blemishes
  • True Color filters avoid color shift seen in other variable ND filters
  • Exposure Range-Control filter ring with hard stops at each end
  • No “X” effect
  • High-definition optical glass
  • Anti-reflective and waterproof Nano Coating
  • Optional / removable rotating lever
  • The 4-stop ND filter can be used without the True Color VND by using the included adapter ring
  • Includes True Color VND, ND16 (4-stop), 82mm adapter ring, lens cap, and case
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