NiSi Pro 52mm Multi Coated UV Filters for Camera Lens


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  • Ultra-thin frame design
  • 12 layers(6 + 6) and-reflective multi-coating
  • High transmittance and ultra-low reflectivity
  • Made from high quality Japanese glass
  • Matt black superfine-frosted filter mount


1 in stock

Product description

Ultraviolet rays can cause a bluish cast in photos as well as increase the effect of atmospheric haze. The filter blocks ultraviolet rays, which adversely affect both B&W and colour films. It is considered a necessity for the scenic photographer. It can also be left on at all times to protect the lens. BAF – Black matt aluminium satin finish almite frame reduces reflections. LPF: Ultra think low profile frames to help avoid vignette on super wide angle lenses. BRG: Black rimmed glass reduces light reflections around the filter edge. KEF: Equipped with a knurling edge for easy attachment and removal. DVC: Digital multicoated filters greatly reduce lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections. Glass manufactured by AGC Corporation Japan.

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