Photron 40 Litres Dry Cabinet for Cameras & Lenses


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  • Dry Cabinet for Cameras and Lenses
  • 40 Litres Capacity
  • For energy conservation and environment protection

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3 in stock

Capacity (L) :40
Input voltage :110-220V AC/ 5V 2A DC”
Power :5W/H
Quantity of Controller (PC) :2
Dehumidity range :25%-60%
Display mode :LED display
Quantity of Adjustable foot :2 Metal-luxury
Internal size W*D*H(mm) :313*290*380
External size W*D*H(mm) :314*318*430
Package carton size W*D*H(mm) :385*380*510
G.W.: (kg) :8.34
N.G.: (kg) :7.1

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Capacity  (L) 40
Input voltage 110-220V AC/
5V 2A DC
Power 5W/H
Quantity of Controller (PC) 2
Dehumidity range 25%-60%
Display mode LED display
Quantity of Adjustable foot 2
Internal size W*D*H(mm) 313*290*380
External size W*D*H(mm) 314*318*430
Package carton size
G.W.: (kg) 8.34
N.G.:  (kg) 7.1
0/5 (0 Reviews)

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